Bagaimana cara setting evdo di htc Thunderbolt

HTC Thunderbolt 4G Manual User Guide Quick Start Verizon Specs Overview

Cara inject sama seperti inject Htc lain nya hanya saja Thunderbolt ini ada 2 port yg mesti diinject Mirroring/sama persis utk driver pakai ini, buang driver htc/htc sync yg ada dahulu nanti akan terbaca 2 port berbeda. Intinya proses inject pada  HTC Thunderbolt harus dilakukan 2 kali yaitu pada 2 port yan berbeda krn basis default HTC  Thunderbolt ada fasilitas LTE Card.

  • Akey di port biasa jangan di 9k
  • Do a ##778# send then to Modem settings.
  • Go down to Modem Settings and pick “Rev A“
  • Choose enable , hit the menu button and then “Commit Modifications.”
    and Reboot!
  • Go to the “Other” tab and navigate to “R-UIM” then click read.
  • Change it to “NV Only” and write to phone. It should say Successful
  • Now you can pick the Prl you want to use and write it.

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