10 Profil facebook paling kreatif di dunia

10 Profil facebook paling kreatif di dunia. 10 pengguna facebook ini dipilih mashable.com sebagai orang yang paling kreatif membuat profil facebook-nya. Tidak hanya kreatif, 10 Profil facebook ini memang keren!

The French artist credited for starting the craze, Oudin’s Magritte-inspired profile puts the “fun” in the new Facebook.

Nic Refauh is a VP of creative at McCann Digital. He’s certainly put his creative skills to good use on his Facebook profile page.

Reddit user LockesKidney has used food as the inspiration for his pic hack. Now that’s what we call a “decent portion.”

Pac-Man, the perennial geek favorite, has invaded Thibaut Le Brasseur’s profile page to great effect.

Ouri Stopek’s playful profile features lasers firing across the screen. Pew-pew!

The sweetest offering of the lot, this profile creates a tender portrait using a photo montage.

Antony Legrand’s illustrated example shows you don’t have to use photographs to create a memorable profile page.

This Florida-based company uses a Facebook profile as its business Page, but still knows how to have fun with the design.

Jayden Tan takes the face-hack idea a step further by adding extra images for even greater impact.

We’ve saved our favorite for last with Jon Yang’s genius use of the format. Now that’s a slam dunk!

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