Dopod 818 Pro Trouble??

Ini adalah pengalaman pribadiku yang begitu memusingkanku,akhirnya sembuh juga dopod kesayanganku. Terima Kasih ya Allah….. berikut cara untuk reset dopod 818 pro
Did anyone try to perform HARD-RESET on their DOPOD 818Pro following the instruction in the manual, (Press CAMERA and COMM button together and press the RESET button at bottom of unit), and finding it does only a SOFT-RESET instead?

You can imagine I spent hours trying to figure out why I cannot perform HARD-RESET of my unit following the instruction. I called DOPOD technical help line (waited more than 30 mins before someone picked up the phone), and they guided me through through the HARD-RESET procedure. Still no avail. The guy who attended to me said that I may have a faulty unit. I went to the shop where I purchased and they tried it on other units and wasn’t able to perform HARD-RESET as well, so they think there is a problem with the batch.

I finally took the unit to Sis Technologies, and the tech guy finally showed me the CORRECT way to HARD-RESET the Dopod 818Pro (he was quite arrogant about it though!).

1. Press POWER button to off unit (if unit is ON)
2. Press CAMERA and COMM buttons simultaneously
3. While holding down CAMERA and COMM buttons, use stylus to poke the RESET button at bottom of unit.
4. Release pressing of the RESET button, and continue to hold on to CAMERA and COMM buttons until message appear on the screen asking you to press the SEND (green phone button) to continue.

If only the manual provides proper and careful instruction, it would have saved many of us wasted time!! Quite disappointed with Dopod support in this aspect; long wait for their tech support line, plus incorrect guided instructions!! I wonder how they would handle more serious problems than this?


One thought on “Dopod 818 Pro Trouble??

  1. Saya punya masalah nich tolooooooooong, saya punya dopod 818 pro ingin saya kasih antivirus tapi saya bingung antivirus apa yang cocok berbagai antivirus aku masukin tapi tidak bisa.

    dan saya minta tolong gimana cara instalnya


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