IT Technologies-Wireless Hot Spot

A wireless hot spot can be an area as small as a cafe or as large as a convention center and hotel complex. Basically, it is an area that is served by a single Wireless LAN or network of WLANs, but not a Wide Area Network. For the end-user, the wireless hot spot is a location in which he or she establishes Internet access via a mobile wireless terminal Â- equipped to a laptop, a PDA, a smart phone, or another device.
The Hot Spot operator derives revenue directly from the user’s experience and access. Additionally, Hot Spot operators provide the access as an amenity, in order to induce customers to drive foot traffic or to purchase other products and services.
Public hotspot solutions provides you with a full portfolio of WLAN public hotspot solutions, from small “cafe sized” hotspots to hotels, to conference centers and even city-sized Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). The solutions come with built in user management, billing, security and 3rd party application capability, which eliminates the need for you to integrate different types of hardware platforms, which sometimes require an additional investment in technical staff You get full hotspot solutions out of the box!
Public hotspot solutions are constantly sensitive to the fact that different hotspot operators have different technical requirements, and hence give you the flexibility of customizing your hotspots products.

Technical Specification
• 1 HE 19” industrial strength rackmount based on
• standard IEC 297-3 / DIN 41494
• Dual processor 1,7 G.Hz performance
• 2 GB SDRAM, 133 FSB
• 2 x 10/100/1000 RJ-45 Network Interface Cards
• 2 x RS-232, 1 x parallel (SPP/EPP/ECP)
• 2 x Ultra-160 SCSI HDD Drives, upto 150 GB
• 110/240 VAC power supply, 180-250 W
• Dimensions (HxWxD): 44 x 445 x 450 mm
• Fans with removable dust filter
• EMI tested, CE certified
• Authentication services for upto 500 public hotspots per server
• Apache 1.3.x httpd / Perl 5.6.1 / PHP4
• Mysql 3.2.x high-speed, high-performance DBMS
• Optionally RADIUS Server
• Multi-layered Perl 5.6.1 based application architecture
• Alert Engine for event SMS & email alerting for system & application
• messages (system administrative, management alerts)
• SSL based remote administration interfaces
• Automatic periodic (daily/weekly/monthly) management alerts
• All software provided under GPL, allowing for limitless customization
Application Scenarios:
• National & transnational public hotspot network operators
• MAN scale metropolitan wireless networks
• Hotel & restaurant chains